Client: Ream Hills Holiday Park


Ream Hills Holiday Park approached us before their lodge and caravan site had been built with the goal of ‘hitting the ground running’ as soon as the park had been built and was operational. We discussed at length with the client what they required from the website and what needed to be communicated to their customers via the site. As a brand new company they required a logo and site branding as well as a website built from scratch to help generate pre-bookings for the 2015 opening.

Our primary objective was to funnel traffic to the relevant part of the site and thereby generate bookings for the respective accommodations.


The client planned to offer multiple accommodation options such as camping & touring pitches, self-catering lodges and a custom adapted Lynx Helicopter. MPC used the top tool bar to drive the relevant traffic to the relevant service. Every page included a call-to-action link making the booking engine accessible at all times.

Our designer used different shades of green and a foliage background throughout the site to create pastoral connotations of nature and outdoor lifestyle. The logo was kept simple using the same green as the site with the initials ‘rh’ in a simple square outline underlined with a white curve followed by the park name in its entirety. The logo was designed with longevity in mind knowing that there would be little budget for future redesigns. One of the biggest challenges we faced was collecting imagery to use on the site as the park had yet to be built. We overcame this by using stock photos as temporary placeholders and advised the client to exchange the images as soon as possible with professionally taken photographs depicting the park.


The client was very happy with the website especially after it went live and began to generate bookings, enquiries and interest for the 2015 opening. *After the initial build Ream Hills have taken full control and host their own website.

(please note we no longer look after the Ream Hill Holiday Park site so bear in mind this website may not reflect exactly the work of Michael Paul Consultancy) We are only too happy to clarify this should you have any questions.

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