2020 Leisure Sector Review

The 2020 Travel Survey conducted in July 2020 by Michael Paul Holidays heard how the pandemic had impacted the plans of hundreds of British holidaymakers and found out what kind of holidays they are planning next.

From July 2020, most British holidaymakers (85%) will be planning a UK getaway, with the majority of those (44%) booking a caravan holiday in a coastal area (73%).
Since many attractions are closed at the time of booking and a lack of confidence in Government policy to guarantee 2021 re-opening, outdoor leisure activities are considered the safest, the most popular plan is to go walking (75%) in the great outdoors, visit the beach/seaside (73%) and/or go sightseeing (73%).

When asked what kind of break they are looking for, 73% said they are looking forward to a coastal holiday with a further 48% preferring to choose a break in the British countryside.
Only 7% said they will choose a city break this year while 17% told us they are planning a multi-centre holiday, travelling between destinations.

Almost a third of those surveyed (30%) said they are planning a short break rather than a long holiday.

Over half of these holidaymakers (60%) said Covid-19 had changed the type of holiday they will now book in 2020 either due to previous cancellations and/or ongoing safety fears. Despite this, nearly half of holidaymakers (44%) said that special offers or discounts will still encourage them to book a holiday this year.

The most important factor in booking a holiday in 2020 is the option to cancel and get a full refund should there be a second wave of the virus. More than half the people asked (63%) said they would need proof their holiday property has been disinfected, although only 30% said that cleanliness was a major factor in their decision-making when it comes to booking a holiday this year.

The average budget for a UK holiday in 2020 is £1,300 and almost one in three (30%) said they are planning a short break rather than a long holiday.

When asked about the type of accommodation they are going to book, almost half of those surveyed (44%) said they are planning to stay in a caravan.

A further 36% told us they will be staying in a touring camper van or motorhome with another 34% saying they plan to stay in a self-catering apartment.

More than a quarter of respondents (29%) told us they are planning to stay in a holiday lodge and only 18% said they will stay in a hotel.

The least popular type of holiday accommodation among those surveyed was camping, with just 13.5% saying they are planning a camping holiday this year.

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